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Rob Holts


I'm just forwarding along my experience using the CM C+.

I have been using Testors Metalizer Steel and Aluminum without problem, but today I put together a mix of Metalizer Aluminum and Brass, and I found that the brass is too thick for the .23 needle, which was completely unexpected.
I did not see anything specific on Testor's site about needle size, but whether it was heavily thinned, or straight from the bottle it backed up and clogged, forcing me to break it down and clean it thoroughly.

Most sites I've found have a tech sheet somewhere about nozzle sizes, Golden Artist's paints for example has a chart that says their Interference Fluid Pearls with the Airbrush thinning medium should only be sprayed in a .30 or larger nozzle. I had actually sprayed thinned Interference Blue and Interference Green without trouble through the CM before finding that chart, so I think they are just being cautious with the .30 suggestion. The tech info lists the mica flakes as 90 microns for the Fine Interference colors (which I'm using) which are .09mm total. The course grain Interference paint (not what I'm using) is .18mm (180 microns) and those are what I think got the entire Interference line the .30mm + nozzle recommendation.

I don't know if you or Iwata keep a chart of paints that work or don't work but I think it would be worth noting the Testors Metalizer Brass somewhere.
I would have chosen to use the CM even if I'd had spare bottles for the Eclipse BCS because I was only painting the gold parts of the Polar Lights 1:1000 NX-01 Enterprise kit, so very very small areas, and I only needed about 1/16 oz. I didn't feel it was worth putting it into a spare large 1oz bottle. Lesson learned.

Rob Holts
Acreation Models