Naked Resin Attack



Connoisseurs for the Biological Arts are those who appreciate the wonderful artwork in our lives that results from biological processes. The pinnacle of such artwork is the female form. This CBA website celebrates the female form as captured in garage kits and other media, both print and 3D.

The CBA has sponsored awards recognizing the acheivements of artist at model shows around the country. The Best Female Figure or Subject is also known as the Eye Candy Award.

In league with the Big-Eyed Doll Society, the CBA also produces the Naked Resin Attack at Wonderfest.

2016 NRA pictures now in the Gallery!


Some years ago, the Amazing Model Contest at Wonderfest included an Adult Category for build ups depicting nude or partially nude women. The collection was carefully separated from the regular contest with a security gaurd stationed at the entrance. In 2003, there was one entry.
During the weeks following the show, members of the CBA decided the give reason for the gaurd and went shopping on line for appropriate kits. Being team players, the plan was shared with the show folks. It was then that we learned that, due to declining particiaption, the Adult Category had been dropped.
Previously, a meeting room for after hours modeling had been arranged a few years prior. The room had been provided courtesy of the show for attendees who brought their tools and supplies and worked on kits at night. Interests and ideas were shared. Not long after, the CBA presented a plan for an adult themed model contest to be held in the after hours modeling room on Saturday night. No gaurd needed as the new model show contest would fly under the radar and make sure that the attendees would be all of appropriate age and/or supervision. And so began the Naked Resin Attack.
The first NRA at Wonderfest premiered in 2004 with at least 10 enries. Unfortunately, no pictures have been found as of yet.

Stay tuned for updates and news of future events!

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