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Bunny Lawanda

Barbara from Rush and Riot

1/8 Resin Kit Conversion

    Rush and Riot were the manga tales of a mad robotic scientist who built androids in his favorite form, Bunnies! The original kit was Barbra, one of the androids.
    As Bunnies go, this kit was fairly accurate from the start. All she needed was her flashlight, her name rosette and her Bunnyhead cufflinks. The costume painted on this figure was inspired by a picture in the paperback Playboy publication, Bunnies, from the '70's. That was the real Lawanda. I took the liberty of adding her flashlight and building her base. Her eyes were enhanced and her hair textured. Lawanda was my first rendering of a woman of color.
    To learn more about Bunnies, read the book, The Bunny Years by Katherine Leigh Scott. She was a Bunny back in the early days. That was a tremendous opportunity for young women at that time. Did you know Hef had a college tuition program set up for the girls? Did you know that many of them went on to do great things? Lauren Hutton was a Bunny. So was Susan Sullivan, a.k.a.Kitty Montgomery on "darma and Greg".
    To see pictures of Bunnies, visit Playboy.Com

Lawanda's hair was streaked and parts of her costume painted with Vrush Pen Nail Art Brushes.

Sorry, Playboy, that I didn't ask permission to use the photo from the book. I emailed you guys several times about reference images for the colorful and/or exotic print costumes in the on-line archives. I even offered to join to get access. You didn't answer. Just so you know, I'm not making any money with this picture. Just want to paint Bunny costumes on resin figures. Drop me a line and lets talk about it.

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