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Catgirl Bandit

After lots of prep work, a multifaceted paint job and some furniture considerations, Bandit finally joined other finished pieces on my shelf. In keeping with my MSHPW background, she was painted in pieces and assembled. This approach means, of course, that the finish must be repaired after the parts have been assembled.
    Her bikini was first painted white. The flowers were drawn with Pearlescent acrylic paints and VrushPens.The black background was painted in last.
    Bandit's coat was rendered in Model Master Acryls applied with Iwata Eclipse airbrushes. Her hair was straekd with Acryls using VrushPens.     The ottoman was made from a bulk film canister covered first with a rough-in of FIMO Soft. The original canes used to make the uppolstery were also made with FIMO Soft. In the process of maki sure bandit was well secured to her base, the canister became unausable as a trinket or jewelry box.

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