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Bell with Grumpas Volks Resin Kit

and Grumpas Scratchbuilt

This was my second dance with this great kit from Volks. Another commission piece, this client wanted the Grumpas figure so make a pair like in the boxart. The wood for the bases was supplied by the customer.
Bell was another enjoyable build. I replaced her resin jewelry with brass wire. Her haisr was streaked with Vrush Pen Super Detail Brushes.

Grumpas was made from a Wireform armature covered with FIMO and Aves Apoxie-Sculpt Lots of sanding and filling!

Finishing was applied with Iwata HP-CH and Eclipse HP-CS airbrushes. Basecoats were done with Model Master Acryl Paints.
Details and embellishments with ComArt paints.
The design wwas laid down with Parafilm and cleaned up with members of Artool's Essential Seven Freehand Templates.

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