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Bunny Nathalie - 1/8 Resin Kit Conversion - starting with Bunny Lita from Sailor Moon

    This was a fun Bunny Girl conversion as it was also a commission piece, too! My client is a bunny fan and owns a costume herself! She wanted a figurine of a bunny that looked like her!
    We started with a Bunny Lita kit from Sailor Moon shown below. My client sent some hair clippings and a swatch of fabric from her costume along with several photos of herself.I had change the hair style in the front, loose the pony tail and added the long fall in the back. I also added the flashlight, the bows on the laces at the hips, name rosette, Bunnyhead cufflinks and some modifications to the bunny ears to make them more like my client's costume. A little Aves Apoxie Sculpt made her face look more like the real Nathalie as well. Her eyes were enhanced. I also added some texture to the costuime so it looked more like satin.

Nathelie's hair was streaked with Vrush Pen Super Detail Brushes. Her skin was painted with a mix of ComArt Paints airbrushed through an Iwata Eclipse airbrush. ComArt Transparent Smoke was used for her hose. Her base is finished poplar. Her glasses came from Hobby Link Japan

To learn more about Bunnies, read the book, The Bunny Years by Katherine Leigh Scott. She was a Bunny back in the early days. That was a tremendous opportunity for young women at that time. Did you know Hef had a college tuition program set up for the girls? Did you know that many of them went on to do great things? Lauren Hutton was a Bunny. So was Susan Sullivan, a.k.a.Kitty Montgomery on "Darma and Greg". That's just two examples.
    To see pictures of Bunnies, visit Playboy.Com

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