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Gromit's Aeroplane
from "A Close Shave"
by Nick Parks

Airfix Styrene Injection Kit

The Claymation was great! The kit was a blast, too!! I got to scratch build a new body for a figure and do a vehicle qith a gloss coat. To get the whole story on how I motorized the plane and made Gromit flying it, check out my article in the visit March 2001 Internet Modeler The article describes getting the gloss finish, too.
   This page has more pictures of the construction and finish.
Repositioned Gromit sculpted with FIMO Classic Polymer Clay
and painted with Delta Ceramcoat Acrylics

Aeroplane painted with Model Master Acryls
applied with an Iwata Eclipse Airbrush
Sculpting a new body for Gromit with FIMO on a foil armature
Finish Gromit, mostly, and build the plane around him
Fuselage and stand connector details and the enhanced helmet straps
Masking for the plane and the cockpit edge padding.

Parafilm applied with Clay Shapers

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