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Hide-N-Seek  Scratchbuild

**** Gold Award, Master Class      The Model Show at StarFest'99   April 1999 ****

**** 3rd Place Fantasy Dioramas   IPMS Region X   June 1999****

This is my first scratch build. The mermaid was inspired by my wife, Maxine. She sculpts little fairies and other fantasy characters. One evening, I was working on a kit in her studio. She handed me a little head she was working on and asked me to clean it up for her. Then came the arms. Before I knew it, I had what was to become this mermaid from the waist up. Her tail was a natural. I wanted her to look more dolphin than fish.
I had invisioned a playful mermaid swimming through an underwater setting. She was, at the time, involved in a game of hide and seek. As she swam under the leaning rock, she scared up a school of little fish who began to swim along with her.

The mermaid, the fish, the plants and the other critters with her were sculpted from FIMO Polymer Clay. The rocks were made with WireForm armatures covered with Sculpt-A-Mold.

The mermaid's girl half was painted with an Aztek 470 Airbrush and Visions Airpaints. Her dolphin half and the rocks were painted with Delta Ceramcoat Acrylics.

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