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Lita Kino

Sailor Jupiter

G-Port 1/8 Resin Kit

This was one of the first kits I ordered from Hobby Link Japan back in the 90's. I waited 6 months for HLJ to find the kit. Lita was finished in 1999. She was also one of the first kits that I used the enhancement technique on the eyes. An iris is creted on each eyeball by carving a flat spot in the eye. A pupil is made by drilling and/or carving a hole in the center of each iris. The pupils are painted with flat black, the irises are painted with colors and a cornea is built up with layers of clear epoxy. No highlights need be painted as her eyes naturally pick them up out of the room. Its a bit of extra work. You have to make two identical pools of epoxy. Sometimes is works pretty good!

Lita's hair was streaked with Vrush Pen Nail Art Brushes.

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