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Madoka Iukawa  1/8 Resin Kit

I found this kit at a dealer's table at Mad Model Party '97. She was in 5 pieces in a plastic bag. The kit was covered with bubbles. Obviously, a poor attempt at recasting. It took quite a bit of work to get her ready to paint.
I made flat spots and holes in her eyes for irises and pupils. After painting her eyes, I filled the pupils and covered the irises with 5 Minute Epoxy. I had a great time researching and painting her bikini!!. Her hair was streaked using V-Rush Pens
She is not an example of my best work. Many of the techniques used on her were my first attempts Although a nice piece of wood, she isn't mounted to the base very well. Her cheeks are blotchy and done in the wrong color. I am happy with the rest of her skin coloring. She was alot of work to finish and she looks great from 2 feet!

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