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Misa Hiyase   1/6 Vinyl Kit from ARII

***Best Anime Girl***

Nan Desu Kon, Denver Colorado, October 2000

This kit was one of several released for the Macross 25th Anniversary. This particular pose came from the movie "Macross Do You Remember Love". Someday, I hope to see it.
As I progressed on the build up, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the data pad that came with the kit. With some advice from my pal, Tony lamb, I constructed a new one that better matched the pad shown in the box art.
Misa's base is a poplar block spray painted black with Krylon. The Macross logo tiles at the front were cut from the base included with the kit. The macross log was airbrushed on sheet styrene and glued to the block.
Misa's uniform was first painted with blueberry then airbrushed with layers of white. Her legs were painted as if they were to be nude. Her hose was a clear colored with a slightly darker flesh tone. Her hair was streaked with VRush Pens using different blends of copper and gold mixed into cinnamon and burnt sienna.
Tony Lamb and I went to Nan Desu Kon in October of 2000. During our all-nighter Friday night and Saturday morning, I finished her at 2:30 AM. Eight hours later, she was in the Art and Model Show. It was nice that she won!!

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