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Shi   1/8 Resin Kit from Villiage Comics

Part of the two figure set, Ancient Conquest, this Shi kit originally had her left hand open. It was to rest on Vampirella's head, which Shi was about to lop off. The kit came with a katana for Shi's right hand and two other nicely sculpted swords. Since I wasn't able to get a Vampi, I decided she would look better with a blade in her left hand, too. I used epoxy putty to close her hand around the hilt of the smaller sword. I opened the channel in her right hand to accomodate the handle of the nicer katana. Both of these swords were cut just below the gaurd and pins were inserted, The remaining portion of the handles was glued into each hand. This allowed me to remove the sword blades for travel.
The asian character on the poplar base appeared as a tatoo on Shi's upper arm in one of the pictures I found during my internet research. The character was cut out of Frisket paper and layed on the base. I airbrushed around the edges with gold. The red line was added later with a VRush Pen Later.

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