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Goatgirl Tess - click for larger image

    I picked this up from MojoResin at a Wonderfest a few years back. I thought she'd make a nice addition to my colletion of animall girls. Tes was airbrushed with an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS.
    Tes' skin (or is it fur?) was base coated with a tawny mix and a nice red barn red mix of Model Master Acryls. She was accented with and COMArt Transparent Ochre and transparent dark red mix.
    Her boots were first painted Acryl gloss black. Top coats were Createx Gem Ruby, Smiths Irridescent Red and COMArt Transparent Bright Red.
    Her hair was streaked with Acryls and COMArt using VrushPens.
    That's a real rock.


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