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Accurate Miniatures

B-25G Atlantic Sea Search

1/48 super detailed styrene injection kit
As seen in Hobby Merchandiser Magazine
Iwata Eclipse HP-CS and Hi-Line HP-CH Airbrushes
Model Master Acryl Paints
This was a great adventure for me.

A few MV Lenses and the kit really pops. I used them in the formation lights and the landing lights in the wings.

As it says in my reviews, this was the first time in a long while that I had gotten to build such a detailed kit. I knew people would be watching all over the country. I was fetting tense about doing everything right. The thing that broke the tension for me was a review I found on Hyperscale. The fellow there had encountered the same problems as I with the kit. One was placement of the rack for those 75mm shells. He said he decided to cut of some of the deck and that he hoped it wasn't important. Once I stopped laughing about that, I had a great time with the rest of the kit.

Super Detailed Interior

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