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Ernst Udet's Seimans-Schuckert DIII

**** Gold Award ****

**** MiA Quarterly Challenge, November 1998 ****
TOKO 1/72 Styrene in jection kit. Very nicely molded and detailed. Superior fit. The kit included two versions, both in parts and decals. Both the DIII and DIV were flown by the ace Ernst Udet. The holes for the rigging were drilled with a #80 bit in a pin vice.

The Modelers in Action Challenge theme for the 1998 3rd Quarter was World War I Aircraft. Several weeks before November 1st, we had a demo on adding the rigging with monofilament. Lots of members built planes with rigging for the Case at Hobby Town that month.

I also got to fly my Shuckert against enemy planes in the tabletop game The Blue Max. This is played over a large hex board. The planes are mounted on telescoping stands so you can fly at different altitudes. I had to drill a whole in its belly to fit on the stand but it was worth it. The Shuckert was a superior machine. I did well, shooting down a Spad before my engine blew up!!

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